I have moved to Google+

Created by SH, July 18, 2011, at 10:29 PM
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Google+ is a sharing network you can use to organize your online contacts, upload your pictures and videos, share with friends, join in on a group video chat to plan your next outing, or just hang out! Navigation from people to people "à la Twitter" is very easy as you don't have to connect first, ... As I have no time anymore to manage this domain, best place to intercact with me is Google+. You can find me there !

Making Circles

I expect One System to blog & twit and target the right people ! You can build complex templates but I will keep the concept simple (friends, business, following, family), extend later by topics (ie Supply Chain Management, Data Integration, ...) and manage duplicates. Motivated to use g+ in a business context as well. So, what's next ? Having Friends & Colleagues on g+ to experiment conversations. You're welcome to Circle me :)