Listening to Your Customers ?

Created by SH, July 11, 2010, at 08:11 PM
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Are you listening to your customers ? KISSinsights makes it easy for you to ask questions and for your customers to answer them. Get more feedback, faster, and know the context in which it was given. Create an online survey, embed it in your web site and ... listen !

Quick review of what they are saying about, ...

  • KISSinsights handles visitor feedback and surveys with beauty and grace so you can get the important information you need
  • This effectively lets you track and review feedback from customers in real time, and gauge the public perception of any product that you launch minute by minute when the big day comes
  • More importantly we can configure the website so as to choose whether to show the survey to all your visitors, or just to your returning visitors...

A 5 mn Process to integrate the survey

Once you sign up with your e-mail address and password, open your dashboard, select a pre-written survey or create your own, decide to show the survey to all your visitors, or just to your returning visitors, define starting & ending dates, ... At the end, save your configuration and KISSinsights generates a JavaScript to be embeded in your web page. You're set.

(First) Conclusion

Nice interface. Easy to use. Simple integration. Simple navigation. It really takes less than 5 minutes to manage the end-to-end process with KISSinsights 's dashboard and create the fist survey. It adds interactivity with your visitors and makes your web site or blog more social ! Next step is to analyze comments and answers. Will work on this part in a couple of days, ...